Tunnelling through Time – An Online Escape Room

Tunnelling through Time: Brunel Museum to launch online escape room

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What do the critics say?

“I really enjoyed playing Tunnelling Through Time. It’s filled with the charm, humour and clever puzzle design we’ve come to know and love about Deadlocked” – Armchair Escape

“a multi-media frenzy that is cinematic, immersive and with a big dollop of fun!” – Brit of an Escape Habit

“What starts as a simple task of helping contractor Joey Beamish with some network tests soon explodes into a time travelling romp through the true stories of the Thames Tunnel.” – Review the Room

“Part jovial escape game, part mesmerizing cinematic experience, all melded together in wholesome spirits and good heart, “Tunnelling Through Time” transcends the boundary of space and time, bridges the gap between the puzzle game and historical museum worlds, and offers a charitable option that you can feel great for doing good all the while having some fun.” – Escape Room Mattster