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Museums are places to be entertained and inspired, and we try to make learning fun and our events unusual. The Brunels did not just build bridges and tunnels, they organised concert parties, dance events, underwater banquets, fairgrounds and shopping arcades. Brunel was not just an engineer, he was an impresario and showman.

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Beat the lockdown blues! Visiting historic sites in person at the moment may be tough, but you can now visit us virtually and even travel back through time with us. at different points in time, and to learn about some of its fascinating history.

Each tour comprises four 360 degree scenes that you can use your mouse (or equivalent, depending on your device) to look around. There are buttons to click on for more information and relevant pictures. There are also audio narration and ambient noise options that can be turned on (if you don’t see the cog in the top right for options, come out of full screen mode and it should show up).

As an extra bonus, for those of you with a VR headset / a smartphone and google cardboard, you can also enter these scenes and look around in VR!

If you are looking for something a bit more practical

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