Key stage two

Education and museums go hand-in-hand, at the Brunel Museum we can help your group explore Brunel’s life and legacy using original artefacts, documents, photographs, posters and film to bring history to life.

The Brunel Museum offers formal and informal sessions about Isambard Kingdom Brunel ‘the man who changed the world’, including workshops, outreach sessions and guided boat trips. Discover why he is called the man who changed the world: who changed the shape of our cities and how we live, who even changed time and joined continents together.

Links to the key stage two Curriculum:


  • Speaking and Listening Skills
  • Questioning skills
  • Reading and writing


  • QCA Unit 6: Investigating our local area


  • Investigating how things are made by taking them apart


  • Drawing


  • Significant turning point in history, birth of the world city/ first underground railway, first bulk cargo ship and first trans-Atlantic cable/birth of telecommunications

What we offer: