Thames Tunnel Circus School workshops

Stay at home and join the circus: Brunel Museum to host online circus skills workshops for families

Join ‘The Thames Tunnel Circus School’ from the 8th Wonder of the World! 

The Thames Tunnel was considered to be the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’ when it opened in 1843.


The Brunel Museum will host a community open weekend on 5th and 6th June for local residents. The museum once again joins forces with AndCircus and Edwin Belly Pop, the Thames Tunnel Circus School Ringmaster! He will be welcoming you on stilts!

These workshops will reflect Victorian times when magicians, sword swallowers, tightrope walkers, and fire eaters were entertaining people in the Thames Tunnel.  

We hope you enjoy learning a new skill and have some fun juggling, walking a tightrope or building your human pyramid! 


And if you can’t wait until 5th and 6th June, check out our videos below!


Workshop 1 – Juggling (Premier: 10:30 on Thursday 8th April 2021)

Workshop 2 – Skipping (Premier: 11:00 on Thursday 8th April 2021)

Workshop 3 – Tight Rope (Premier: 12:00 on Thursday 8th April 2021)

Workshop 4 – Acro Balance (Premier: 14:00 on Thursday 8th April 2021)

Workshop 5 – Hula Hoop (Premier: 16:00 on Thursday 8th April 2021)