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Sophia Macnamara Hawes (nee Brunel) #OTDH

Sophia Macnamara Brunel (b. 30 April 1802, d. 17th January 1878) We do not know a great deal about Isambard’s older sister Sophia. Like many women of her class and time, they were often defined by the men in their lives. Daughters were expected to make a good marriage and then to produce the heirs. […]

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1828 Tunnel Flood

12th January 1828. Near shift change. Isambard was in the shield, helping workers at the face itself. “Suddenly a torrent of water swept in, knocked them out of the frame and extinguished all the lights. A fallen timber trapped Isambard’s leg” (The Brunels’ Tunnel, pg41). On this day in 1828, the Thames Tunnel flooded for […]

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